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Braun cylindric

Parameters: Perspective


Cylindric projection by selecting perspective from vantages other than the center of the globe.




Meridians: Straight, evenly spaced. With “Antipodal” parameterization, meridians are 2/π times the length of the parallels. With “From ⅖R” parameterization, meridians are 7/(2π) times the length of the parallels.
Parallels: Straight, with spacing increasing with latitude.


Scale is correct along the equator and constant along all parallels.


Free of distortion along the equator. The map’s distortion is heavily skewed toward inflation, increasing away from the equator.


Perspective: “Antipodal” produces a short map similar to plate carrée stretched a little in the higher latitudes. “From ⅖R” gives a projection very similar to Mercator, but showing the poles.

Similar projections

Patterson is similar to the “Antipodal” form up until the polar regions, where Patterson compresses.
Miller is similar to the “Antipodal” form up until the polar regions, where Miller expands.
Urmayev III is similar to the “From ⅖R” form, but Urmayev III stretches the polar regions more.


Proposed by Carl Braun in 1867, from studies into perspective projections.

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