Since 1992 mapmakers worldwide have relied on Geocart to create their base maps. Geocart supplies powerful, intuitive tools for preparing vector and raster maps on a breathtaking variety of map projections. Nothing else like it exists. Geocart is for:
•Earth sciences researchers•
•Mapping companies•
•Geography students•
•Map enthusiasts•
•Graphic artists•
•Technical illustrators•

Geocart 3 at a glance

Mac OS X (10.9 Mavericks) through Mac OS X 11 (Big Sur) on Intel Core 2 Duo and later Macintoshes as 64-bit native application.
Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 as 64-bit native application.
Efficiently uses all processors in multiprocessor systems
64-bit support for faster processing
Map dimensions limited only by memory address space and virtual memory swap space
20,000 x 40,000 pixels in 7GB on 64-bit Windows and Macintosh in full color with transparency.
Raster rendering quality unavailable anywhere else at any price
Standard and custom datums and ellipsoids
Automatic datum shifts when database datum does not match projection datum
Custom screen resolution settings for correctly scaled maps
Improved projection formulations compared to Geocart 2
Innovative distortion visualization
High-performance zoom and pan (5%-4,000%)
Selectable document and object units: mm, cm, inches, points
Draft, Proof, Final quality modes for raster rending to choose your trade-off between speed and quality.
Multiple views into a single document possible, plus a navigator and information panels
Multi-step undo, with undo history depth set by preference
Import TIFF/JPEG/Photoshop native image data for static viewing or for reprojection
Shapefile import of point/line databases in "geographic" coordinates.
Export TIFF/JPEG/PDF/Photoshop native format - with or without transparency
Photoshop large document support for images exceeding TIFF limits: 30,000 x 30,000 pixels
$860 single-seat professional license.
$400 per seat site license after professional license purchase. (Contact Mapthematics to order.)
$240 non-commercial use.
$100 limited student edition.
$500 upgrade from Geocart 2.