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regular star

Parameters: Spike count (integer) 3 ≤ n ≤ 24


Star-shaped, with number of spikes being configurable.




Meridians: Straight lines radiating from the center pole to the equator, equally spaced. Kinked at the equator, and straight from there to the south pole.
Parallels: In northern hemisphere, concentric circles, equally spaced. In southern hemisphere, concentric arcs of circles, equally spaced.
Poles: Center pole is a point; opposite pole is represented by the number of points as there are spikes.


Spike count.

Similar projections

Petermann’s 8-point star is a specialization of this projection.
Berghaus’s 5-point star is a specialization of this projection.


Star-shaped projections of various sorts have appeared many times in the literature. The first of this type was probably August Petermann’s 8-point star after 1865, as a modification to G. Jäger’s irregular 8-point star.

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