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Natural Earth

Parameters: Computational style




Meridians: Central meridian is a straight line half as long as the equator. Other meridians are equally spaced portions of sinusoids concave toward the central meridian.
Parallels: Equally spaced straight parallel lines. Perpendicular to the central meridian.
Poles: Lines 55% as long as the equator.
Symmetry: About the central meridian and the equator.


Scale is correct along the 36°14′N/S parallels. Constant along any given latitude; same for the latitude of opposite sign.


Free of distortion at 36°14′N/S on the central meridian. Distortion is moderate and balanced throughout the tropics as well as the central meridian up until the arctic. Other regions are dominated by angular deformation.

Similar projections

Snyder minimum-error flat-pole is equal-area.
Kavrayskiy VII is very similar up to the arctic circle, but is stretched vertically beyond that.
The Robinson projection also uses a table of values to interpolate between.


Presented by Tom Patterson in 2008. The development is via tables of values that are interpolated between in order to arrive at the desired characteristics.

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