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The Times




Meridians: Central meridian is a straight line 72% the length of the equator. Other meridians are equally spaced complex curves intersecting at the poles and concave toward the central meridian.
Parallels: Equally spaced straight parallel lines. Perpendicular to the central meridian.
Poles: Lines 76% the length of the equator.
Symmetry: About the central meridian and about the equator.


Constant along any given latitude; same along the latitude of opposite sign.


Undistorted on the central meridian at 44°51′.
Distortion is biased a little toward areal inflation across most of the map, but is biased toward angular deformation flanking the 45th parallels.

Similar projections

Bomford modified Gall projection (Gall-Bomford) is similarly a modification of Gall stereographic. TsNIIGAiK has similar appearance, but is not pseudocylindric.


Prepared by John Moir in 1965 for The Times Atlas as a modification of the Gall stereographic in that parallels are spaced the same. The projection has been used in several editions of that atlas for world maps.

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