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Philbrick Sinu-Mollweide




Meridians: Complex curves.
Parallels: Complex curves.
Poles: Points.
Symmetry: About the central meridian.


Due to the complex interruption and amalgamation of projections to construct the Sinu-Mollweide, scale characterization is complicated.


Free of distortion along the central meridian from the south pole to 40°44´S and along two other vertical strips in the outer lobes from 40°44´ southward until hitting the interruption. Distortion is low or moderate over most landmasses except for half of Antarctica.


Alan K. Philbrick in 1953. Philbrick fused the sinusoidal projection with the Mollweide at the 40°44´S parallel before rotating the globe to center it at 55°N 20°E. From there he interrupted the map symmetrically around the central meridian from north pole down to 35° on the unrotated globe, and created jagged interruptions to separate South America from Africa, and Africa from Australia in order to reduce distortion in all landmasses.

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